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Precision in Silicone Extrusion

During the manufacturing process of most medical devices there is little room for process or part variation, and close tolerance and consistent components that feed into these medical assemblies are key. Even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as tubing; the process must be consistent and repeatable run to run. Silicone extrusion if often the answer for many medical device applications, and choosing a vendor with state of the art equipment and use of technology is important to getting close tolerance and consistent tubing time after time.

There are a variety of companies and technologies used in the manufacturing of silicone tubing; Sil-Pro uses specific and technologically advanced equipment to produce the most precise and consistent results possible. Here, a Zumbach laser micrometer with a closed loop feedback allows for precise management of the tubing dimensions throughout the entire run. Tubes made from our silicone extrusion process can range in size from ID/OD of .020 to 1.0 inches of single lumen, multi-lumen, solid rope, or solid rod tubing. In addition to precise and uniform silicone tube manufacturing, we can also pad print identification marks on our products for positioning and traceability purposes. If the tubing is part of another device, Sil-Pro offers over-molding and/or bonding of the tubing onto other plastic or metal parts using medical grade adhesives. This is all done under one roof, in a class 10,000 cleanroom, ensuring the highest quality is standard in each and every process.