Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing

Not Too Large, Not Too Small: The Just Right Manufacturer of Medical Device Assemblies

Large manufacturers utilize automation systems that ensure the highest quality. Small manufacturers have the focus to deliver projects quickly. At Sil-Pro we’re the best of both worlds: we have the automation systems commonly found in larger companies while still providing the quick turnaround times typical of more mom and pop manufacturers. We’re also vertically integrated, keeping our processes in-house in order to preserve those quick lead times as well as cut costs for our customers. And our quality systems ensure that each device is manufactured to the highest standards.

Sil-Pro was founded on silicone molding. Since then our capabilities have grown to include silicone extruding and thermoplastic molding. We also boast our own in-house tool shop. Our staff is proficient at not just manufacturing, but design as well, allowing us to aid our customers in product development. We can take your product from concept to prototype to production, and we can handle both short and long runs.

Our move towards vertical integration mirrored our customers’ desire to shrink their supplier bases and shorten their supply chain logistics. Jobs that other manufacturers subcontract out we handle in-house, allowing us to avoid surprises that could lead to delays. In short, we’re a one stop shop for medical device assemblies.