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Minimally Invasive Procedures

It is an increasingly fast paced world we live in, and finding time to undergo a surgical procedure is not always easy. Surgery often means time off from work for the operation as well as for recovery. There are some distinct shortcomings to many open surgeries, including tissue damage, infection risk, and long hospital stays. Surgery can directly and indirectly cost a patient and his/her employer a significant amount of money. This is on top of the physical and mental challenges of recovery that patients face. These issues have sparked a trend in the increasing popularity of minimally invasive procedures.

A minimally invasive procedure aims to minimize damage of biological tissues and is often characterized by a lack of staples or stitches needed to close the tiny incision. This presents a challenge to medical device manufacturers who now must create devices small enough to be implanted through minuscule entry points. Innovation in the medical device industry has made it possible for some intense open surgeries to transition into outpatient procedures.

However, it is no easy feat to craft complex, small scale, multi-material medical devices. Cost of production is also an important consideration, especially early on. As these devices are introduced to the market they must remain cost-effective to manufacture in low to mid volume until they are more widely adopted. Micro molding is one way of constructing these innovative devices, which can be a positive motivator when it comes to reducing the number of components in a device and diminishing particle contamination. As more devices are designed with minimal invasiveness in mind, more patients will benefit from faster recoveries, less infections, and smaller bills.