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Jet Tooling in the Medical Industry

The medical device industry is growing and changing at a rapid pace. It now demands quick turnarounds, speedy prototyping, and cost effectiveness in order to launch a successful and useful device. Sil-Pro understands these needs and what it takes to manufacture a winning medical device, so we have developed a skill that we call Jet Tooling.

Jet Tooling is the ability to deliver prototype parts to customers in as little as three days. Our automated cells, including a 5-axis Hermle machine, can work around the clock to produce your prototype in the fastest and most cost effective manner. Situated in our new 25,000 square foot tool shop, our machines are prepared to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jet Tooling can benefit more than just device manufacturing. Did you know that surgeons sometimes require rapid prototyping of bones and tissues to help them conceptualize a strategy for surgery? Having a prototype also helps to understand the shape, feel, and size of the potential product, which allows for more accurate and innovative additions or alterations. A timely prototype also comes in handy when campaigning for funding or discussing the device with a group. It is better to have a physical specimen to pass around the room instead of just having its design displayed on a computer screen.

Jet Tooling is the answer to these needs, and is conveniently available at a full-service medical device contract manufacturer. So next time you need a fast prototype at a competitive price, let Sil-Pro help.