Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing

Contract Design for the Medical Device Industry

Here at Sil-Pro we can take your final design and optimize it for manufacturing, or we can work from nothing more than a list of product requirements to create a product with manufacturability designed right in. Years of revising customers’ designs in order to lower tooling costs, increase quality and avoid molding problems has honed our design skills.

It’s not enough to simply formulate a design that works on paper. That design must be evaluated thoroughly, with as many kinks as possible worked out before production begins. Below, we’ve outlined the various processes we employ to accomplish just that.

3D Concept Models

We start by providing 3D concept models. Sometimes we only need to make a couple, and in some cases we’ve created as many as fifteen. In many instances our customers look to combine features of multiple designs into one.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Once we’ve narrowed the designs down, we run a finite element analysis on each design prior to building. This analysis allows us to verify that the design will meet required performance characteristics provided by our customers.  This type of analysis allows us to catch potential problems before we begin the prototype phase, avoiding costly tooling changes

3D Printed SLA Models

In some instances we have 3D printed SLA models worked up. These provide us with low cost physical models that offer a more detailed look at each design.

Mold Flow Simulation

We can also do a mold flow simulation to prove out any potential molding process issues. Things like gate location(s), gate size, confidence of fill, and injection pressures are identified and corrected before money is spent on tooling for a prototype.


Once we’ve put the final design concepts through the necessary paces we tool up prototypes and do performance testing. If everything checks out, we choose a final design and head into production.

Product Data Management (PDM) Vault

Every iteration of every design concept is kept in our PDM Vault, providing us with a comprehensive Design History File. Our customers can take a look back at each step in the process with ease.

There is an element of trial and error to any product design. Our goal at Sil-Pro is to minimize the cost of that trial and error for our customers, and, in the process, help them create the highest quality device possible.