Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing Sil-Pro Medical Device Manufacturing

Our Mission

At Sil-Pro, we continually challenge ourselves to strive for excellence so that we are a world class, first-choice supplier for our “mission critical”¬†customers.

Our Vision

Sil-Pro aspires to be recognized by customers as a first-choice, world class medical device manufacturer.

Our Values

Challenge Yourself

  • To be responsible, accountable, and committed to delivering products of the highest quality.
  • To practice environmentally and economically sustainable processes and procedures.
  • To fully utilize the skills and talents of our team members.

Strive for Excellence

  • Through active internal and external collaboration and continuous innovation with customers and suppliers.
  • Through solid leadership, communication, team-based inquiry, and dynamic responsiveness.
  • Through developing the knowledge of our employees to allow them to grow in skill to sustain our technical expertise.

Be World Class

  • By possessing a passion for detail, a dedication to relationships and pledging to put our customers first.
  • By operating with financial responsibility to fund company growth.
  • By cultivating team spirit through encouragement and by celebrating dedication, creativity, and initiative in our employees.